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Z and I are finally married!!!!!!!  I can't believe all the wedding festivities are done and our wedding is finally over. It was seriously my wedding dream come true and I want to thank all my family and friends for making it so magical for Z and I.  I'm going to spend this week reliving each project, brunch and special event that led up to our wedding. Enjoy! 

First, I have to talk about my bridesmaids. I'm sure every girl feels this way, but this week I was especially convinced that I have the best girlfriends. They are all so kind, selfless, fun and understanding so when it came to their gifts, I I knew I had to do something special for them.

First,  I wanted them to have a bag that would be functionally for not only toting around their make-up, shoes, and jewelry for my big day, but also something that would be practical for their everyday use. So when I saw this little insulated cooler, I knew this had to be it. It will keep food/drinks cool and double as a purse--how awesome is that?! Plus, I love that it could easily be personalized with each of their names. 

The most important things that I included in each of their bags were champagne scarves and matching Old Navy flip-flops. We got married in a month where the evenings can either be really warm or kinda chilly, so I went on amazon and bought $3 shawls to cover their shoulders in case it got cold. I also included champagne flip flops, so the girls wouldn't have dance in their heels all night. As you will soon be able to see by my reception photos, I got matching white flip flops as well. 

The earrings by the bag were made and designed by my Maid of Honor, Christine. Back in June, Chris graciously decided to make everyone's earrings for the big day and I couldn't have been more thrilled with the finished product. They matched the muted pink dresses perfectly. You  have to check out her etsy shop here. She has some great stuff! 

 And finally, I inserted these thank you cards into each girls bags to tell them personally how much I love and adore them.

Love, The Mrs.


Elizabeth said…
Ahhh! You're married! I can't wait to see your photos!!!

Love the bridesmaids gifts. What a perfect selection of items and I love the cards! xoxo
Lauren said…
so fabulous! can't wait to hear and see all the details!
Emily said…
Love it!!! Can't wait for all the upcoming details this week :) I have to say those thank you cards you made are TOO CUTE!
Dee Stephens said…
Love those bags! How fun! I can't wait to see all your photos! Congrats!
Claire said…
Congratulations! Yay for being officially married! I cannot wait to read on about other projects- you are such a thoughtful bride!!!! I loooove those little notecards! I wish I could use them every day
Caitlin said…
Such cute gifts! Love those earrings!
Congrats on officially being a married lady!!

And those them.

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