Bridal Portraits

I swear, I'm coming off my wedding posts soon, but it was just such an incredible day that I want to share every single detail with you guys. 

Today is dedicated to my bridal portraits. I decided to wear my hair down for this shoot, since we were going to be shooting on a farm and it was more lax. 

My dear friend, Courtney Potter shot the pictures for me. Courtney and I both graduated from UNC and got close when we were bridesmaids together in my best friend's L's wedding a couple year's ago. I knew I wanted her to shoot my wedding after I saw some shots she took from L's bachelorette weekend. They were just so beautiful and I knew she would capture our moment perfectly. 

If you are in NC and need a photographer, please check her out here: Courtney Potter. I promise you won't be disappointed.

Now without further adieu here they are:


Annie said…
Gorgeous photos of you! You look so happy!
Great photos, you look beautiful and so happy!
Dee Stephens said…
Love them! She did an amazing job! The close up is my favorite! Did you have to clean your dress afterwards? I sure did! I did mine in our Downtown area..
Caitlin said…
Beautiful!! Loving the wedding posts!
Oh my gosh you look absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Can't wait to see more.
Amanda said…
You look stunning!
So, so pretty! What a great photographer she is -- and it doesn't hurt that you are super photogenic. :)
Stephanie said…
Absolutely stunning!
Courtney B said…
Beautiful photos!! You are one gorgeous bride!
Margot said…
Hi Jess! I love your sweet blog, too! Your pictures are absolutely beautiful, oh my goodness. Congratulations to you and your hubby! said…
<3 them!!! YOu look beautiful!!
Gorgeous photos! I have a friend who lives in NC {and engaged!} and she told me all about bridal portraits. I don't think it's as much of a tradition on the west coast, but love the sentiment! So glad you stopped by so I could be introduced to your lovely blog! :)

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