Weekend Recap: Promotion & Town Visits

Happy Monday, guys!

Last week was a busy one and I apologize for not writing more, but I can't wait to tell you what I've been up to!

Wednesday afternoon, Z got promoted to Captain. It was a small ceremony held in the Senate and he was sworn in by Senator Jack Reed. It was a bittersweet moment because this was Z's last big event as a Army officer. Since he was injured in Afghanistan, he is being medically retired, so it was kinda sad to say goodbye to everything he has known for the last 7 years, but we couldn't have asked for a nicer ceremony. Here are some pics from the big day:
The Capt and me 
Major S who arranged it all
C came and showed her support. :)
The cake I got Z

Then on Thursday/Friday, we went to Middleburg, Leesburg, and Purceville, VA to explore and we had a blast! We had shrimp and grits in Leesburg, peanut soup (a VA favorite) in Purceville, and went antique shopping in Middleburg. I definitely recommend stopping by each of these town's historic downtowns if you have the chance. The food was great, the shopping was fun, and the history of it all was overwhelming. It was definitely a nice way to say goodbye to our home state before our big move.

Downtown Middleburg
Downtown Middleburg


Ashley said…
You and your hubby are simply adorable.
Annie said…
Congrats to him! Love the saying on the cake!
congrats to him! I love going to all the antique shops in Middleburg and the Red Fox Inn has the most amazing fried chicken!
Caitlin C. said…
Congrats to Z!! That's exciting, and it sounds like you had a fun weekend! I love exploring new towns, especially historic ones.
el.vi. said…
Aww you guys look adorable together. Love the cake idea. so cute!
Nicole said…
you guys are so cute and how handsome does he look in his uniform!

new to your blog!
Rebecca said…
So pretty! Thanks for checking out my blog =] I followed your as well
Smile Steady said…
You both look great. Congratulations to him!
Amanda said…
Congrats to the hubby! You both look great!
Emily said…
That is awesome! Tell him thank you so much for his service and congratulations! The cake you got him is the sweetest :).
Baby Mama said…
Congratulations! That is amazing!
Stephanie said…
I love the cake!
Dee Stephens said…
So awesome! congrats to him! We stayed with friends in Leesburg a month of so ago and have another friend who lives in Middleburg that we're staying with over the holidays!
That is such an amazing accomplishment! Congrats to him!

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