Wedding Wednesday: Our Menu

A couple of months ago, my Mom and I went to a tasting and immediately fell in love with the food and the best part was the  caterer totally understood my vision of an upscale Southern wedding. Since our stove is STILL broken, I have been thinking a lot about food and decided that today's wedding post should be about our menu. Enjoy! 

Appetizers & Passed Horderves
Cheese Station

Fruit Station
Buttermilk buscuits with a slice of Virginia ham with Apple butter spread
And finally, fried green tomato with pimento cheese and a shrimp on top
(I couldn't find a good picture. Whomp!)

Main Meal
Herb chicken
Pork BBQ with 3 different sauces

Sauteed green beans

Little Mac & Cheeses
Pasta Salad

I can't wait to eat this during my reception. Z and I have decided that we are going to try and sit down to eat, but if we are just too busy then we are going to ask the caterer to box us up a meal and place it in the car before we leave. That way we can take it back to our hotel for a late night snack. There is no way I'm not havin' some pork BBQ and Mac & Cheese on September 17th. :)


Lauren said…
Mmm...that all looks delish! Hubby & I made sure to sit down at the very beginning of the reception so we could get somethign to eat...but with all that yumminess, you may want a togo box as well!
Dee Stephens said…
It would not be a Southern wedding without ham biscuits!
Bethany G said…
That is such a great idea to have them box it up for you guys! That food looks DELISH!
Annie said…
That food sounds perfect for your reception! Maybe you can eat while they're having cocktail hour? That's what our venue is having us do. They set up a room with lots of candles for us to have a quick meal before everyone else!
birdie to be said…
This all looks sooo amazing!
Caitlin C. said…
Oh my GOODNESS, this post literally made my mouth water!! Everything looks SO SO good! Especially those mac'n'cheese cups, and those biscuitsss. I think I would gain about 5 pounds if I was attending the wedding ;)
Stephanie said…
Everything looks delicious! Your guests will love it!
This looks amazing especially the Virginia ham on the biscuit! YUMM
Amanda said…
This looks amazing! The only thing I would want to add is some steak ;)
Carolina Charm said…
YUM!!!! Great picks!
Jess said…
I want those little macs and cheeses! So cute!
Miss Lindsay said…
Such a great idea to have them pack up a box. There was an episode of How I Met Your Mother where they didn't get a chance to eat any of the food, I dread that happening someday haha.
Great menu!
Jas said…
Oooh! Looks delicious, can't wait! :)

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