Half Moon Bay, California

Yesterday, Z and I went on a day trip to Half Moon Bay. We just needed a day that wasn't full of to-do lists and worries, so off we headed off to the small coastal town,Half Moon Bay, which is located about 30 minutes from our new home in Palo Alto. The town is really quaint, super close to the ocean and the downtown is lined with fun boutiques and restaurants for patrons to enjoy. However, the funny thing is, even though we were right by the water, we actually didn't actually see the ocean because the fog was too thick to see through. Oh well, maybe next time.

Z and I arrived around lunchtime and as we drove through the downtown wondering where to eat, we suddenly spotted a small deli that had had a line of people waiting outside of it, so of course, we knew where we would be once we parked the car. The place was called Garden Deli, which is known for their award-winning sandwiches. I had the cheese and avocado and Z the roast beef and man, were they good. I highly recommend stopping and standing in line for these little sandwich creations because they were out of this world delicious.

Our walk through downtown afterwards.

After visiting this cute town, I think we will be making a lot more day trips to small towns like this. I think next stop will be Carmel. Has anyone been there?

Have a great Thursday! Almost the weekend! 


I love HMB... beautiful little beach town! My mother in law lives in Carmel, and we love visiting her! If you go - here are a few must dos... go to "Bahama Billys" in the Barnyard. Drive out to Point Lobos and go inside the park - beautiful views. Walk down Ocean Ave and window shop :) Here is a link to our last visit with her: http://www.thenigottothinking.com/2011/08/visiting-carmel.html

Also - if you are feeling like a cocktail... go to Highlands Inn - right off of the 1 just a little south of Carmel. Go up to their bar and enjoy beautiful views of the ocean. If you go - tell the bartenders (Amy or Fay) that Tim & Tracy say hi! ;)
Lauren said…
What a cute little town....definitely more than a day trip for this Missouri girl, but such a fun day!
Jess said…
Hey Jess! Thanks for checking out my blog! I like your twitter name.. I used to have a MySpace that said "Just Jess!" Always love meeting new Jessica's! <3
Elizabeth said…
What a cute little town! I love taking day trips with my fiance! xoxo
looks like such a great little town!
Caitlin C. said…
That sandwich looks delicious.. I wonder if you could re-create it at home? And what a cute town! I love going to little town and just doing some exploring :)
Dee Stephens said…
Carmel is awesome too but foggy. Especially this time of year.
You should do the 17-mile drive in that area that takes you through Pebble Beach and the amazing golf course.
Also, venture out to the Hearst Castle.
No matter what anyone says? It's worth it.
Also, the Central Coast has amazing wineries including Meridian.
Miss Lindsay said…
That sandwich looks delish!!!
Val said…
Oh, how I love Half Moon Bay!
agalandherdog said…
That sandwich looks amazing!

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