Chapel Hill Through Pictures.

Outside Suttons

Eating at Milltown 

We went to Chapel Hill last Friday for our second round of pre-marital counseling.  There we discussed chapters from the book, Strengthening Your Marriage. Those chapters dove into the Biblical roles of a husband and wife and how your spouse is your priority human relationship. Above career, kids and family.  Per ususal, it was awesome and we are sad we are halfway through.

Afterwards, Z and I walked around Franklin Street and took some pictures of my favorite landmarks. As I walked around campus, it was hard to believe I had only been gone 3 years. It was starting to feel like ages since I'd been back and roamed around those streets. Even though I'm in a new and exciting chapter of my life right now, I still sometimes wish I could go back and eat a pokey stick or two and then venture home to watch the latest show with my roommates. 


Caitlin C. said…
Yayyy I love this post :) And I ate at Milltown for the first time a few days ago... SO GOOD!! Hope you had fun in Chapel Hill!
Beautiful pictures!! I've yet to read that book, but it sounds interesting!! Right now we have a book on marriage that we are reading with our Sunday School.
Jess said…
@heather-what book are you reading?!
Amanda said…
I am shouting-out that I love your blog and that I'm your newest follower :)
You look so pretty! I've never been to Chapel-Hill but want to go! Did y'all go to UNC?
Gaby said…
chapel hill looks lovely! i love the birds on the wall.
meme-and-he said…
looks like a wonderful time! I love that blue dress :)
Brittney said…
soooooo cool! Caleb and I just finished our pre-marital 12 days!!! Counting down!!
Elizabeth said…
Looks like you had a great time and that sounds like a really great book for an engaged lady - I might have to check it out!

How neat you lived in Hoboken! I'm so excited about getting settled in!


p.s. - hope you'll link up for a Bridal Talk Tuesday!

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