Wedding Wednesday: Our Engagement Story According to Z

Guest Post from my fiance for Wedding Wednesday! 

What do you get when you combine a dog that doesn’t like things tied to its neck, a ring tied to said dog’s neck and a boyfriend who can’t tell time on an analogue watch? If your answer was THE BEST ENGAGEMENT EVER, then you would be correct. After a year and almost two months of a relationship with Jess, I was itching to pop the question. I decided that the day following the purchase of the ring would be the smartest time to propose to Jessica. Quickly calling up two of her best friends, I laid plans to surprise her with a fancy dinner and the ring, but there was only one problem. Jessica would start to suspect any surprise fancy dinner as a venue for engagement (as most women of one year and almost two months relationships would), so I purposefully planned to do nothing during the dinner and make my move afterwards.

This sounds like a great idea to ensure surprise in theory, but in practice surprise fancy dinners are apparently only appreciated by women in long-term relationships provided they receive a ring at the end. The dinner started off well, but as the night wore on, and the prospects of an engagement became less and less, Jessica because “slightly perturbed.” I, anxious to get to the “haha happy surprise” portion of the night, misread my watch as being an hour later than it was and headed home to surprise Jessica with two of her best friends and a dog with a ring around its neck.

Upon entering the apartment, Jessica saw a figure lurking in the bedroom door and started screaming that there was a burglar in the room. Sadie (the dog) dutifully ran over to greet Jessica, but decided to shake the ring off of her neck en route. During this time I'm, working my way to one knee and observed both the abject terror of my girlfriend and the barren neck of his dog and thought about how good of a planner I was. In a stroke of brilliance, C, one of Jessica’s best friends, scooped up the ring, hid it behind her back and walked over to greet/calm Jessica while backhanding me the ring. Finally with the ring in hand, I knew that this was the perfect time to fool Jess into saying “yes” due to her complete confusion at the time. Long story short, I asked, she said yes, drinks were poured and the two best friends (and their little dog too) rejoiced. Thank God I never has to do that again.:)


Trista said…
I'm obsessed with this post. I laughed out loud in my cubicle.
Megan said…
Many congrats; these are such sweet photos!!
Oh my goodness, I love this story!!! :) So cute, tell him thank you for guest posting!
Hahah, what a cute, funny story! PS--I hope you have not had your bachelorette yet, I am doing HORRIBLE at getting this Cville post up. I planned for tomorrow, but literally left my house around 8 am this morning and did not get home until 10 pm so I just don't have the time to write the lengthy post tonight. I am hoping/need to force myself to do it next week!
Brittney said…
Just came across your blog! So fun! Congrats on your upcoming wedding! Whens the date? :)
birdie to be said…
SOO cute! Congrats! xo
Jess said…
I'm getting married September 17th, 2011 and I couldn't be more excited! :)
Courtney B said…
Hahaha!! How cute is this story?! I loved reading it, thanks for sharing :)
this is so cute! i just love hearing engagement stories! thanks for the blog lovin'!
This is the sweetest proposal! Congrats!! I too am obsessed with you blog! xo

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