Our Engagement Party-Noke Style. (part one)

Steve, Zach, Will, Hayden, Addy, & Christine before our party

Soon after Zach and I got engaged, we quickly realized that some of Zach's closest friends from West Point would be deployed overseas by September 17th, our official wedding date. We absolutely wanted them to feel like they were important and involved in our wedding, so we threw together a engagement party before their deployments started in April.

Saturday was really special for a lot of reasons, which I will highlight in numerous posts, but I think one was getting to meet Steve on Saturday afternoon. Steve is the last of Zach's group of boys who I had yet to meet, so I was super pumped to finally meet him. And true to all of Zach's friends, he was wonderful.

I was also thankful that 5 of my closest friends were able to drive/fly/train to Roanoke on such short notice. We had Will from Hawaii, Addy from NYC, Steve from Seattle, and Liz and Cody from Raleigh. Each person's presence meant so much to Zach and I and we couldn't have better friends.

Now, onto the celebration. We held the event at the country club that I grew up going to. It was small, intimate, and really nice.

The decor that evening was really simple. Our menu consisted of a roast beef craving table with fresh french bread for sandwiches, chicken fingers with various sauces, and swedish meatballs. We also had an open bar where people could get wine, beer, or a mixed drink. For dessert, we kept it really simple and just had gourmet chocolates for people to taste. 

We also didn't have that many personalized touches. We had a few pictures of us from our trip to Hawaii, a place where people could leave us warm wishes, and personalized napkins. The rest we left up to the staff.

Another special moment was my Dad giving us a toast. He thanked everyone for coming and then welcomed Zach's family into ours. It was really sweet and made our two families becoming one more real to me.

Overall, a wonderful night and one that I won't forget. Now bring on wedding planning! Woohoo! 


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