Friday, October 17, 2014

17 Weeks.

(Non-maternity summer dress from Loft)
17 weeks and 2 weeks until we find out the gender! I swear I don't know where the time goes. When we went in at 15 weeks, I felt like it would be forever until the 30th when we find out baby #2's sex, but really the days are just zooming by. It'll be the 30th before we know it and I couldn't be more excited. Our tech gave us a prediction at 12 weeks and it went against my motherly instinct, so I'm anxious and excited to see whose right.

In terms of symptoms, I feel great for the most part. My only real complaint is sleep, but that's been a constant since the first trimester. I wake up several times throughout the night and am usually up and ready to go by 6 am. It's really frustrating and I try to take little cat naps whenever I can on the weekend, but during the day I feel like a zombie. A girlfriend over the summer wrote me to ask if everything was okay because I seemed worn out and had an overall lack of energy. At that point, I wasn't telling anyone I was pregnant, so I just tried to blame it on a busy toddler and Z traveling a lot for work, but in reality, it was the not sleeping thing. I really hope that as this pregnancy continues, I'm able to get some rest and finally sleep through the night.

Other than being really tired, I feel great during the day. No food aversions, no back pain, and no nausea. Thank God.

Another big thing that I've been trying to do and have actually been pretty bad at lately is exercise. I have weeks where I go to the gym 3-4 times a week for a Zumba, yoga or pilates class, but recently, I just can't find the time. I try to squeeze in 20 minute walks here and there, but I really want and need to do a better job at staying active.

The one thing that I'm really looking forward to is feeling the babe move. I haven't yet and I keep touching my belly throughout the day hoping that I'll feel something. I would love to have that reassurance that everything is alright and that baby is doing just fine. Really hoping this happens within the next week or two.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Sawyer's Second Birthday Party

This last weekend, we hosted Sawyer's birthday party! We invited some of Sawyer's friends to play at a nearby park, have some pumpkin cupcakes, and to hangout. This birthday was really simple. I bought a few balloons, got a veggie tray, popped some popcorn, had orange slices, and got some juice boxes for the kids. For birthday favors, I bought some blue favor bags and filled them with Halloween candy. All really simple, but nice.

I picked Bluemont Park in Arlington because it fit the train theme and also because the whole park is fenced it. It allowed parents to relax a bit.
Sawyer was distracted the whole time, so I didn't get a good picture of him smiling at the camera. However, these two pictures show the cute train shirt that I got him for the occasion. I had the number 2 added on and the etsy shop I ordered it from was great. Quick and great service. You can find more shirts like that in their shop here.  

The personalized cupcake toppers were great! I got them here

Afterwards, we opened gifts at home and munched on pizza with friends and family.

It was a great party and one where I was so thankful for the little community that we've made throughout the last year. It's really been such a blessing to have my parents close by and our friends who make Sawyer's life so full.

I didn't post any pictures of us singing to him or eating pumpkin cupcakes because his friends were in them and I don't feel comfortable showing them, but think cute toddlers with icing all over. :)

Friday, October 3, 2014

Five Things Friday--Skincare.

The hospital that I'm going to deliver at has a very holistic approach to pregnancy and labor and delivery, which is a huge reason that we decided to go with them. They give Mothers a nutritional guideline to meals and also a exercise regiment to follow. I have been trying hard to follow my new diet and since I've started this clean eating journey, I've decided to do a over-haul on other areas of my life as well.

As a Mom and one whose work is now starting back up, I feel like I don't have a lot of time for me. This last month though, I've made small adjustments and have already started to feel better about myself. The first being really investing in my skincare routine.


I really like Chriselle Lim and her youtube videos, especially the one about her 7 skincare secrets. She gives some really good tips like finding a product you like and sticking to it for a long time to reap the benefits. Here are some of the products I just started using and now, love.



Lacome Creme Mousse Confort--I love this product and it's price tag. I have sensitive skin and this cleanser doesn't cause irritation or breakouts. It also leaves my skin feeling clean and not dry like a lot of products do. I'm such a fan and I love that it smells like roses. 

Bi-Facil Eye Make-up Remover-Apparently this product is award-winning, but I love it because its really easy and takes off everything. Simple. 

Lacome Tonique Confort-Apparently this winter is going to be really rough and the air dry, so I wanted a hydrating toner. This one fits the bill. It also can double as a serum, so I'm going to use this in the morning after my cleanser and it's a bonus that it smells so amazing. 

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair-I got this last Christmas and have continued to love it.

Apple Cider Vinegar Toner-Chriselle talks about a easy toner that you can make out of Apple Cider Vinegar, water, and lemon. Apparently, it helps with breakouts and these pregnancy hormones have been making my face breakout, so I will definitely be trying this as well. 

Do you have a skincare routine that you swear by? I'd love to hear! 

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Duck Island, NC

Seeing my college girlfriends last weekend was just the best. We decided after they came to visit me last year in Palo Alto that we would make our get togethers a yearly event and this year, we chose to go to Duck in the Outerbanks.

The whole weekend was just so relaxing. We cooked at home for every meal, spent time walking around, watched a bunch of movies, and lounged about at the beach. It was just what I needed and I came back home completely relaxed.

For dinners, we had a lot of salmon, homemade tomato soup, and salad. That lasted us for 3 dinners and then for breakfast, we would make scrambled eggs with a side of sautéed kale. We ate really well and I love being in the kitchen with these two. I remember back in college, our get togethers revolved around food. Jennie and I made monogrammed pies together one summer and my senior year, Erin would blast country while we made dinner together. Getting back into the kitchen brought back so many memories.

The beach was perfect. It was sunny, warm, and deserted.

I also loved the apartment we rented. We got it for a steal because it was an off-season and it was really cute. I loved the decorations and the shabby-chic feel.

Overall, it was the perfect weekend and a great way to kick-off a hectic fall. I loved being around these two and I can't wait for our next adventure. And on a personal note, I finally started getting a bump this weekend! I was so excited that I had Erin snap a picture. The first little sign of baby #2!

Bathing suit from Ella Moss
You can see our last girl's weekend here and here.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Year 3 Anniversary Trip: Savannah

Savannah! I'm so excited to finally to share our trip!

Last spring, Z asked me where I wanted to go to celebrate our anniversary and I immediately said, "Savannah!" I've always wanted to go and had only heard great things, so to me, it was a no-brainer. We decided to make it a couple's trip because we never get to see two of our couple friends that live in New York. One dropped out and the other came, and it was so much fun to be able to catch up and experience the city with them.

We flew in really late on Friday night, so we didn't catch up with our friends until Saturday morning. We met them for brunch at B. Matthews. I didn't get anything crazy or signature, but I did try Z's which was fried green tomatoes and goat cheese with eggs and they were fantastic!

Afterwards, we walked around the downtown area and stopped in a candy shop or two.
had to get a picture in front of lady & sons!
might have stopped here every night for candy on the way home.

That night, we went to the Olde Pink House for dinner. It was very good, very southern, and really pretty inside. Each room had a unique feel and I loved my BLT salad and almond-crusted tilaphia with shrimp-herb butter. Yum!

After dinner, we said good-bye to our friends and went on a ghost tour. I mean, when you're in Savannah you have to, right? It was really interesting and I'm glad we did it, but it definitely wastn't scary at all. Our tour guide mainly just talked about the history of the town, some frightening murders that happened in the early 1900s, and how the dead were buried.

The next day, we met our friends and went to Bonaventure Cemetery. It was gorgeous. The spanish moss was everywhere and the iron gates were amazing. However, there were a lot of bugs--it was really humid that day--and I felt like a lot of the time I was swatting fire ants off my legs or mosquitos. Oh, the South! :)

We ended our afternoon with a tour of the First African Baptist Church. I think this was the coolest thing we did that weekend. Our tour guide was a great storyteller and I loved all the historical artifacts that they had throughout the church. My favorite was learning about the underground railroad and seeing the breathing holes in the floors where slaves hid underneath before venturing on. Really incredible. If you are ever in Savannah, I highly recommend this tour. It was fabulous.

After the tour, we said goodbye to our friends and Z and I headed out to a fancy dinner at Garibaldi's. We didn't take any pictures, but it was good to have that time and talk about our future.

Monday, we slept in, rented bikes, and went the Kayak Cafe for lunch. The black bean, mushroom, and spinach tacos were the best vegetarian tacos I've ever had. Definitely hit this place up for lunch if you're around. They had a lot of fresh options and are apparently known for their famous salads.

All in all, a great trip with good friends!

Also, thank you so much for all the congratulations on baby #2! We are so excited and can't wait to meet he or she!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Baby #2

Ah, did you see our announcement yesterday on instagram?!! Another baby! Yay! I've been wanting to write this post for a while and now, I finally can. Baby #2 is coming in March and is due just a few days after my birthday! I can't wait. He/she will be the best little birthday gift and we are so thankful for the opportunity to bring another little life into our family.

How I found out:
In mid-May, Z and I decided that we were finally ready to add another one into the mix, but with weddings, bachelor parties, and out-of-town work events, I didn't think it was going to happen for a while. It also made me a little nervous that a lot of our friends were having trouble getting pregnant, so I assumed it would be the same for us and mentally prepared myself for it taking a while. However, after a month of really trying, I found out that wasn't the case.

I found out one morning in mid-July and I immediately texted a girlfriend saying, "I think I'm pregnant?" The reason I had a big question mark was because when I was out in California one of my girlfriends told me to get a bundle of the Wondo pregnancy and ovulation sticks because you can get a bundle of them for $20 instead of spending $20 for 2 pregnancy tests and/or $30 for one ovulation test.

So that morning I took one of the wondo tests and walked away because there wasn't an immediate line and also because Sawyer just woke up and was calling for me. After breakfast I was cleaning up and about to throw the test away when I noticed the faintest of lines. I thought my mind could be playing tricks on me, so I texted my friend saying, "I'm either pregnant (yay!) or I need a big glass of wine later tonight." I took another test and there wasn't a line, so I texted back saying, "It's a negative." She encouraged me to get a pregnancy test that had displayed the word just in case.

Later that morning I was hosting a big play date in the park, so when I was picking up snacks for the kids,  I grabbed a pregnancy test that spelled it out for you. Well, after a quick bathroom break, I saw the magic words, "Pregnant 1-2 weeks." Maybe that was why the line was so faint.

How I told Z:
I wrote Z a letter that said,

He was ecstatic and has been amazing since by letting me take naps on the weekend, doing the laundry, cooking dinner on Sundays, taking Sawyer on Saturday's for breakfast and flying home early on weeks when I have doctor appointments.

The pregnancy vs. the last:
My last pregnancy was a dream. I was a little tired, but I didn't have morning sickness and I didn't have any food aversions except for hummus and coffee. Aside from some back pain towards the end, there wasn't a lot to write home and complain about.

This pregnancy has been different in that fact that I'm EXHAUSTED and a lot more nauseous at times. I also had food aversions to just about everything from week 5-9, but thankfully that went away. It was also a blessing to have my Mom come up and take care of Sawyer some so I could nap whenever my exhaustion hit. Around week 9 though, I started gaining back more energy-meaning I didn't have to take a mandatory nap around 12 everyday- and have been feeling back to normal ever since. Thank God.

Anyways, we are super excited and I can't wait to see Sawyer in the role of big brother. I know he'll be a great one and Z and I already can't wait to meet baby him or her. Thanks again for reading along and I'm looking forward to documenting this next journey.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Five Fall Favorites.

1. Old Navy Elbow Sleeve Jersey Dress. 
Loved this dress and have worn it a few times already. Very flattering and hits just above the knee. Plus, its a Refinery 29 pick with a reasonable price tag to match!

2. BP Trolley Boots
Love these boots and how they can be dressed up and down. Another bonus is how comfortable they are too.

3. Pumpkin Cheesecake Candle. Picked this up at Target the other day and Sawyer and I both decided to get it. It just smells so good.

4.  Pumpkin Bread. I can't wait to get home and make some pumpkin bread. The air is finally cooling down and it's the perfect time to start baking. I think I'm going to try out this recipe from The Charm of Home.

5. Savannah! We are headed to Savannah this weekend with friends! It'd been on both of our bucket lists and I can't wait to explore the city with them. We have reservations at The Olde Pink House and afterwards, Z and I are going on a ghost tour. I mean, you kinda have to when you're in Savannah, right?!
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