Wednesday, July 1, 2015

DC Bucket List: Burke Lake Park & Glen Echo Puppet Show

Summer is flying by and so far, its been such a fun one. Sawyer and I are having a ball going on these little adventures and Rhett's been such a champ as I drag him around DC. I'm sure he appreciates it though in his own little way.

It's so funny to think about how different this summer from last year's. Last year, I remember being so nauseas and tried all the time that I never got to enjoy it. I would maybe take Sawyer to the park, but then I'd have to have a two-hour nap whenever we got back or would be trying to figure out how to stay up until his bedtime. So this year is different (!!) and I have energy (!!!), so I really love being able to get out and enjoy it. So far, here's what we've gotten into since my last post:

First up is our time at Burke Lake park in Fairfax Station. For a little boy who loves trains, it was a lot of fun. The train takes you on a 15 minute ride through a tunnel, over a little bridge, and by the lake. Sawyer was in heaven the whole time.

Beside the train is a little park and carousal, so after we rode the train, we went over to the carousal. It was a great morning and I loved how shaded the park was because it was ridiculously hot that day.

Second trip was to Glen Echo Park to see a puppet show. It was really cute and even kept my attention. After the show, Sawyer got to hug one of the puppets and he was very proud of himself for being brave enough to do it.

The theatre is right by a park and carousal, so we had a picnic and then rode on the carousal. Wore both boys right out. #parentingwin

(Check out our past bucket list adventures here)

Afternoon Stroll in Destin

I love these pictures. During one of our afternoon strolls, Sawyer and I decided to jump in and play in the waves. He got nervous about one little wave in particular and ran back to up to Z who had snapping our little adventure from the shore. Looking at these pictures makes me miss the beach, our little strolls, and Sawyer's excitement about it all. Take me back already. 

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Destin Vacation 2015

We are in the middle of our Destin beach trip, but I wanted to stop in and make an update about our vacation so far.

We've had a really good time and Sawyer's excitement is really just the icing on the cake. He's always been a happy kid, but being here has made him even more giddy. He loves everything that is going on and every morning he waits with eager anticipation about what the day's plans will hold. So far he's loved going to the pool, jumping the waves, braving a waterside, and hanging with his cousins. This whole experience makes me so glad that we do this yearly and I'm so glad that Sawyer has this built in network of people that love him.

This was our first morning here. We took Rhett and Sawyer to the beach and Rhett dipped his toes in the ocean for the first time. It was a fail. Majorly. He cried and fussed the whole time. Poor guy. Hopefully, he'll come to love the beach as much as we do.

My little buddy in his cute hat and swimsuit 
While we were at the beach, Rhett and I camped out under the tent half of the time and then I would jump the waves with Sawyer the other half of the time. It was so sweet to see his face whenever we hopped over a wave. He'd scream, "Here comes a big one!!!" or "Here's a little one!" Then he'd kick his legs and say, "Mama, I swim like a turtle." I don't know what a turtle swims like, but Sawyer's version sure was cute.

We have two more days at the beach before we go home and I'm anticipating a lot of tears and tantrums from Sawyer. He loves it so much here that I'm sure there will be big alligator tears when we leave.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Link Love + Some Good Things

It's been a while since I posted. Mainly because we were caught up in our move and then both Rhett and I got really bad eye infections. Thankfully, we are better and ready to hit the beach this weekend. Before I go though, I want to share some random happenings and great buys with you.

--This week has been really good for a lot of reasons. The first and biggest reason is that our littlest  has started sleeping through the night! I feel like a new woman and am ready to take on the world now that I'm getting a good solid 8 hours of sleep. It's amazing what a full night's sleep can do for you.

--I finished Still Alice this week. Great book. Easy, fast, and really interesting. I highly recommend it.

--Love this machine--a Keruig for cocktails! Amazing.

--I bought this for Rhett for our beach trip and tried it out tonight. The reviews don't lie. This hat was amazing. The brim didn't flop over his eyes, the drawstring allowed it to fit perfectly to his head, and its big enough around that it provides ample shade. A total win.

--Really want to see the Love & Mercy movie. I loved the Beach Boys growing up, so I'm excited to see it.

--Loving this new fashion blog I found where I can actually afford the pieces she wears and recommends.

And that's it! Have a great weekend, everyone! I'll see you all next week.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Our New Home!

Hooray! This weekend, we moved in our new place and I'm excited to say that I absolutely love it! We were so nervous about this move because we thought it'd be a rough transition, but we actually really like it. We talked last night about how we wish we had just moved here to begin with. 

What we love about this home vs our other place is the space that an older house just doesn't have. A newer build means more than one bathroom, more closet space, and deeper kitchen cabinets. All three of these things were much needed. We also love that we are a block away from two parks, a 5 minute walk to Starbucks and a 2 minute walk to downtown where there's restaurants, a little Farmer's market on Saturdays, and cute local shops. 

So, welcome! Have a look around! 

 Our little guest room.

A kitchen that Z and I can actually  cook and turn around in!

A family room that is cozy and has a lot of natural sunlight. I love that. Outside that door is a little balcony with two chairs and a table. Its a great spot to people watch because it overlooks a trail and a pizza spot.

The boys will share a room and I kinda love their room. Its bright blues, reds, and greens and has a sailing theme. I'll have to show you once we have Sawyer's bedding back from the cleaner.

Since we lost our playroom, I decided to turn one of the huge closets in their room into a playroom. I added books and toys to the shelves and put their play kitchen in there as well. It'll have a great retreat for them and their friends. Plus, we won't have tons of toys out in the family room, which I know I'll love.

Can't wait to show you more and so thankful that the moving in process is done.

Monday, June 1, 2015

June 2015 Goals.

Now that life is starting to settle down, I want to get back to setting monthly goals for myself. I was talking to Z this weekend about my expectations for this summer and writing some of the things that I want to accomplish down will hopefully hold me accountable. Here are a few things I have in mind for June.

1. Running a 5k. 
I'm starting to get back into working out and the best way for me to do it is to sign up for a race. I have my first postpartum 5k on June 13th and I've been running a couple days a week to prepare. Hopefully, I can incorporate yoga and some other classes into my schedule as well. Mama, needs to feel good in her clothes again!

2. Still Alice. 
This was my book club's May book and I couldn't make it to the meeting or find time to read it. I was bummed. However, I just got it at the library last week and I'm excited to dig in (even though I'm two months late!). Also, I can't wait to see the movie. I heard it was phenomenal.

3. Start Rhett's baby book & finish Sawyer's birthday book.
Hopefully, I'll have time to write down a few special moments in Rhett's book and then print off two more pictures to finish out Sawyer's birthday posts. I really don't want to get behind in these. These moments are too precious to forget due to busyness.

4. Go on a date with Z.
We haven't gone on a real date since Rhett was born and that's a problem. I'm really craving some alone time with my husband, so my goal is to find us a babysitter this month and go out to dinner one night. I already know that whenever we do it, I'll be going here.

Friday, May 29, 2015

DC Bucket List: Roosevelt Island, Cartoons & Coffee and Gravelly Point

A couple weeks ago, we started a bucket list for DC! Its full of things that we've haven't gotten around to in the last year and half and that we'd regret not doing to if we moved away. I'm going to be sharing some of our adventures throughout the year! If you're local, copy us or give me our own ideas!  I'd love to add more to our list.

I didn't include pictures this time, but you can check out our adventures on my instragram: jessicaleigho3

Roosevelt Island.

I loved Roosevelt Island and thought it was perfect for the summer. The island is small, shaded and a great spot for picnicking. We stayed for a good hour just hanging out and watching Sawyer run around the memorial. We tried to do a little lesson on who Roosevelt was, but aside from a few facts that Sawyer recited when we left, it didn't really have any lasting impact on him. ;)

I also loved one of the quotes there from Roosevelt there:
I want to see you game boys, I want to see you brave and manly and I also want to see you gentle and tender.
Be practical as well as generous in your ideas.  Keep your eyes on the stars but remember to keep your feet on the ground.
Courageous hard work, self mastery, and intelligent effort are all essential to successful to life.
Accept the nation and the individual, the one indispensable requisite is character.

Cartoons & Coffee. 

We met a friend for Cartoons and Coffee at the Mosaic District. Cartoons start at 9 am on Saturday mornings and you can grab a coffee across the street. Even though we had a good time, I don't think we'll be doing this again. They didn't have the water feature turned on and there wasn't a lot of shade. This summer will be incredibly hot, so those two factors will keep us from going. On top of that, there wasn't a lot of seating in front of the screen, so we had to lay out our picnic blanket on the sidewalk. Whomp!

Gravelly Point.

LOVED. IT. Time magazine rated it as a top thing to do in DC and I have to agree. Gravelly Point is off of GW Parkway and just a great spot to watch the planes come in and out of Reagan. The park's incredible because the planes get so close (just a few hundred feet over your head) and you can hear the engines as they glide in. I think this is the perfect place for kids. Sawyer had a ball running around and pointing at all the planes. It was pretty fun for us to see.

My only suggestion-and maybe I'm just being paranoid-but since the planes are so close, they can be really loud. I was a little nervous with Rhett, so next time I'll bring a hat to cover his ears. Again, this might be me being paranoid.
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